NAVC Representatives

Natasha Allen – Vice Chair-woman

Dawn Haynes – Treasurer

Karimah Williams – Ambassador of Information

Zayid Muhammad – Media and Information

Jahmil Reed – Sergeant at Arms

Karin Haynes – Recruiter


Concerned and outraged about the growing pandemic of violence plaguing Black and Brown neighborhoods, The NAVC  became a broad coalition of Activists, Teachers, Principals, Lawyers, Revolutionary Members of the Blood and Crips, Social Workers, Progressives, Members of Churches and Masjids (Mosques), Community-based Organizations, Victims of Violence, Aunts, Uncles, Mothers, Brothers, Sisters, Fathers, and Concerned Citizens of the Community! July 20th 2009 made the call to begin a Social Justice Movement to help people who have been victimized.

To help resolve violence in the community, the following five demands were created and presented to City of Newark, NJ


  1. The dismissal of police director McCarthy, replacing him with a community policing minded director
  2. Declaring street violence a public health emergency and marshalling all the appropriate parties to bring the proper resources to address it
  3. A meaningful jobs program, including the proper enforcement of existing mandates requiring Newark residents to a certain percentage of work in this city
  4. Enforcement of the Amistad Bill in Newark schools, requiring the proper teaching of the Black and Latino history in the schools
  5. For street organizations or so called gangs to put their guns down & establish an effective treaty with the community’s legitimate support.